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Bill Midcap Joins Rocky Mountain Farmers Union as Outreach Coordinator

Denver >> Rocky Mountain Farmers Union Cooperative & Economic Development Center (CDC) Director Ben Rainbolt has hired Bill Midcap to support RMFU’s energy efforts and other rural development opportunities. Midcap has joined RMFU as a rural economic development specialist and cooperative outreach coordinator.

He lives in Fort Morgan, Colorado. He is a lifelong resident of Morgan County, where he owned and operated Midcap Farms for many years. He has also spent many years working with rural electric cooperatives, or REAs. Since 1990 he has served on the board of directors for the Morgan County Rural Electric Association. He has been treasurer of the Colorado Rural Electric Association and on their current board of directors. He has served as a delegate to the Tri-State Generation & Transmission Association and is the chair of the Colorado Electric Education Committee. He has been president of the board of directors for the Mid-West Electric Consumers Association, and an active board member since 1992. Mid-West is a regional coalition of consumer-owned utilities, REAs, public power districts, and municipal electric utilities. They purchase hydropower generated at federal multi-purpose projects in the Missouri River basin.

“We are excited to have Bill’s expertise available to our members, and he will be a great help in coordinating our outreach to the local cooperatives. Bill’s experience with utilities and RMFU’s commitment to renewable energy will make a winning combination,” said Rainbolt.

Midcap will work with individuals, community groups, and electric utilities to encourage development of local renewable energy projects, to determine barriers and solutions for project development, and to conduct rural business development. He will work closely with Tony Frank, the CDC’s director of renewable energy, fostering outreach to rural groups and developing business models to support clean energy development and energy efficiency.

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