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Emily Brown – Candidate for District V

My name is Emily Brown and I am running in 2023 for re-election to the District 5 Board member position for Rocky Mountain Farmers Union. I am excited for the opportunity to continue to serve this district and the organization!

Where Do I Live?

Outside of Del Norte in Rio Grande County, South-Central Colorado, in the San Luis Valley.

What is My Connection to Agriculture?

I am an actively farming partner, along with my husband and parents, in our family farm operation. Elliott Farms, LLC grows fresh market Russet potatoes, with rotation crops of Coors barley and cover crops for soil health and cattle feed. My husband and I also have a cow/calf herd that we raise for grass-fed beef and regenerative soil health. I work, live, and actively participate in the community in a
region of Colorado whose local economy depends on agriculture.

What is My Background?

I have strong skills in leadership, fiscal management, and collaborative partnership building. I have
worked in local and state government, as well as higher education, so I understand how to navigate
through complicated systems. I was a local public health director for almost seven years at both Rio
Grande and Alamosa Counties, and currently serve part-time as Facilitator for the San Luis Valley
Public Health Partnership. I serve on several Boards and community advisory groups, including serving
as Board Vice-Chair and Secretary for our local hospital. I am a strong advocate for rural health,
economies, and infrastructure, but I also have the connections and perspective to promote rural/urban
synergies for advancing equity in agriculture. Finally, as a mother of two elementary-aged kids, I
understand and value the joys and struggles of living and raising a family in a rural setting.

Why Am I Running for Re-Election to the District 5 Board Position?

1. To serve and to improve.
I have very much enjoyed serving on the Board the last three years. This is a complicated
organization with many resources, which I appreciate even more after getting to dig deeper into
details. I have been able to offer insight and a new perspective into the work the Board does,
and I want to keep finding ways to make our organization even better. I can continue serving
and improving to keep this organization relevant and responsive.

2. To support members.
One of my campaign goals when I first ran for this position was to be a regular participant in
county activities within my district. I have been able to participate in many county conventions
and socials in District V, including a joint leadership retreat with District IV. I have built
connections and learned about many different agricultural operations, and have been especially
excited to support the re-activation of our Pueblo area chapter. Our members are our biggest
strength, and I want to find more ways to support leadership and members in my district and
throughout the organization

Watch Emily's Candidacy Video

Emily Brown

Elliot Farms, LLC

Del Norte, Colorado

Candidate for District V