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RMFU Supports Right to Repair Legislation

As tractors and other farming equipment become more and more technologically advanced to make the jobs of farmers and ranchers a little easier, one major aspect of this advancement has made the lives of many farmers and ranchers quite a bit more difficult…repairing that equipment when it breaks. Due to the undue hardship and mental strain this has on farmers and ranchers, Rocky Mountain Farmers Union supports legislation on Right to Repair. Right to Repair legislation, simply put, would give farmers and ranchers the freedom to either repair their own equipment or to take their equipment to a mechanic of their choice to be repaired.

In a recent article in County 10 written by Chad Franke, our newly elected President, he wrote that “designing parts to have unique software instructions serves no real purpose other than forcing your customer to come back to the authorized shop for repairs.” Many farmers are electing to buy older equipment to avoid the headache of these requirements. Authorized dealers can be hours away from some of the farms and ranches that rely on this equipment. Franke continued in his article by stating, “Right to Repair would ensure that other local mechanics would get access to the tools and information they need to complete repairs, giving farmers multiple options.” It is this freedom of choice that led RMFU to support Right to Repair legislation.

Recognizing the strain that not being able to repair your own equipment has on farmers and ranchers, Representative Brianna Titone wants to make Right to Repair the law in Colorado. During the upcoming legislative session, Representative Titone will introduce a Right to Repair bill to ensure that Colorado farmers and ranchers can repair their own equipment or take their equipment to a local mechanic instead of being forced into only receiving repairs from an authorized dealership.

RMFU needs your help in showing support for Representative Titone’s Right to Repair bill. We need to hear your stories about the hardships or stress caused by not being able to repair your own equipment. We want to hear from you about what this kind of legislation, if passed, could do for you. If you would like to share your story, please contact Tyler Garrett—Director of Government Relations—by emailing him at tyler.garrett@rmfu.org.


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