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RMFU Welcomes Product of U.S. Labeling Announcement

Rocky Mountain Farmers Union applauds an announcement by U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack of a proposed rule tightening the Product of the U.S. label. Vilsack made the statement at the Nation Farmers Union convention now underway in San Francisco. Farmers Union is urging USDA to move forward quickly with rulemaking to ensure that the Product of USA label embodies the integrity and enforcement that consumers expect.

“As studies show, consumers associate a made-in-America label as meaning produced and processed in the U.S. and assign value to that,” says RMFU President Chad Franke. “The ability to import meat, process it in the U.S., and label it as a product of the U.S. is deceptive and misleading to American consumers. We support the right of consumers to know where their food is produced, and we support the proposed rule that food labeled as a product of the United States in fact should be reserved for products born, raised, or grown and processed in the U.S.”

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