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Senator Salazar Commended for His Support of H.R. 6

DENVER – Rocky Mountain Farmers Union (RMFU) sent a letter to Sen. Ken Salazar (D-Colo.) commending the senator’s hard work on H.R. 6, the Renewable Fuels, Consumer Protection and Energy Efficiency Act of 2007.

“The Senate vote of 65-27 for this bill shows a commitment to renewable, sustainable energy, and it is especially cheering in rural America,” said Kent Peppler, RMFU President. “Renewable fuels simultaneously generate rural jobs, supercharge rural economies, and reduce our national dependence on foreign markets.”

As passed by the Senate, H.R. 6 mandates an historic increase in national fuel efficiency standards as well as a number of provisions that promote renewable fuels such as ethanol. The Senate’s action will have a positive impact on the rural economy of the Rocky Mountain region. Government cooperation will increase opportunities to develop wind power, solar, and biofuels. “It will encourage developing new technologies and maturing technologies still in their beginning stages,” added Peppler.

The House will take up the bill in July, and then differences must be resolved between the Senate energy package and the resulting House package. The expected House energy bill would provide incentives for the both production and conservation of energy, as well as ethanol development and consumer education. RMFU will continue to watch this energy bill develop and will take an active role in shaping legislation so vital to rural America.

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