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Ask a producer – what about nutrition?

Question: What affects the nutritional quality of foods I buy?
Marietta Silva, Parker, Colo.

Answer: Recent studies have shown that the nutritional density of foods, over the last 50 years, has declined dramatically. Vitamin, mineral, and essential nutrient content have dropped due to many factors, but the most important is the changing soil conditions under which modern foods are grown.

With the advent of commercial fertilizer and pesticide use, the balance of soil minerals has changed along with a decline in soil biological activity. These two factors are the basis for nutrient uptake from soil to plants.

When some minerals are too high or low, plants are unable to pull proper amounts from the soil. Mineral availability is also highly dependent upon good soil biological activity, such as, bacteria, fungi, and earthworms. This is especially true for micro-nutrients and trace minerals important to human health.

Human nutrition and health is directly linked to the health of the soils upon which our food is grown. Many farmers are beginning to understand this fact and are changing the way they farm to enhance the quality of the food they grow. Unfortunately, the majority of foods available in stores is of a lower quality. In order to acquire this superior food, I believe discerning people must seek out these conscientious farmers and buy directly from them.

Doug & Kim Wiley
Larga Vista Ranch, Boone, Colo.

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