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The voice of family agriculture and rural communities.

2024 Policy Book

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As an RMFU member, you have representation in the nation’s capitol and in the statehouses in Colorado, New Mexico, and Wyoming. Based on policy determined by members, RMFU serves as the voice of our membership and puts a face on agriculture for our legislators. 

State Legislation

What's Happening at the US Capitol?

Stay up to date on federal legislation impacting agriculture and learn what the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union is doing to ensure that agriculture remains at the forefront of federal policy.

Federal Legislation


Learn more about RMFU’s policy, priorities, and stances, as well as the current work we are doing.

Policy Matters


2024 Special Order of Business

Historically Underserved Farmers and Ranchers in Urban and Peri-Urban Areas 

 RMFU urges government programs on federal, state, county, and municipal levels, to be designed to include and benefit urban and peri-urban farmers with small acreage farming and ranching. 

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