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The voice of family agriculture and rural communities.

Policy Handbook (Redline 2022)

As an RMFU member, you have representation in the nation’s capitol and in the statehouses in Colorado, New Mexico, and Wyoming. Based on policy determined by members, RMFU serves as the voice of our membership and puts a face on agriculture for our legislators.


Founded in 1907, Rocky Mountain Farmers Union has grown to represent agriculture in Colorado, New Mexico, and Wyoming. Together with other state organizations, it is part of the 250,000 member National Farmers Union. Traditionally a farmers’ advocacy group, Rocky Mountain Farmers Union has a much broader impact on American producers and consumers.

RMFU is a grassroots organization promoting the interests of family farmers, protecting our nation’s food, and sustaining rural communities. Policy is created by farmers and ranchers at the local level and debated and adopted at annual RMFU convention. In turn, RMFU advocates for issues our members set as priorities at the local, state, and national level.

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Policy Handbook (Redline 2022)
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From the Field

Colorado Agriculture Labor Bill

Rocky Mountain Farmers Union prepared a Fact Sheet explaining the details of the following topics; Retaliation/Whistleblower Protection, Organizing/Unionizing, Minimum wage, Overtime, Right of Access to Service Providers, Employer Provided Housing, and Heat Stress, Short-handled Hoe and Hand Weeding/Thinning.

Agriculture Labor


Include Your Voice

Policy development begins with resolutions proposed by members and by local chapters in the RMFU region. Those resolutions are reviewed by a policy committee whose members represent every district of the organization. The committee’s recommendations are submitted to the delegates to the RMFU annual convention in November. The voting delegates are elected by each chapter; they debate and adopt policy for the coming year.

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The Path Toward Change

The Path Toward Policy starts in community. As a member you have a number of options to bring forward a policy idea for consideration. You can work with your chapter, you can go through your policy committee member, you can join and participate in scheduled calls, you can email submissions to Dan Waldvogle or you can propose your idea directly to RMFU delegates at our Annual Convention.

Path Towards Policy

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