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RMFU Board and Officers

The leaders of Rocky Mountain Farmers Union are (front, from left) Board Chair Jan Kochis, President Dr. Dale McCall, Director Barb Marty, (back row, from left) Director Ken Macy, Director Emily Brown, Director John Field, Vice President Chad Franke, Director Sarah Wetzel-Fisher, and Director Danny Wood.


President Dr. Dale McCall, Longmont, Colorado
Vice President Chad Franke, Lander, Wyoming
District I Director Danny Wood, Peetz, Colorado
District II Director Barb Marty, Strasburg, Colorado
District III Director Ken Macy, Pine Bluff, Wyoming
District IV Director John Field, Montrose, Colorado
District V Director Emily Brown, Del Norte, Colorado
District VI Director Jan Kochis, Matheson, Colorado
District VII Director, Sarah Wentzel-Fisher, Albuquerque, New Mexico