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RMFU Staff

Our Rocky Mountain Farmers Union team is here to serve you!

Executive Team

Ben Rainbolt

Chief Executive Officer

Kyle Bradley

Chief Operating Officer

Shelley Westphal

Chief Financial Officer

Michele Parker

Executive Assistant


LeeAnne Sanders

Director of Communications

Bob Kjelland

Editor-in-Chief and Senior Content Developer

Sarah West

Director of Communication Strategy

Rocky Mountain Farmers Union

Dan Waldvogle

Director, RMFU

Tyler Garrett

Director, Government Relations

Jen Ghigiarelli

Membership Coordinator, Western Colorado and New Mexico

Sara Mayer

Membership Coordinator, Eastern Colorado and Wyoming

Ed Bowditch

Government Relations Advocate, Colorado

Scott Zimmerman

Government Relations Advocate, Wyoming

Gillian Joyce

Government Relations Advocate, New Mexico

Pam Roy

Government Relations Advocate, New Mexico

Rocky Mountain Farmers Union Foundation

Jennifer Luitjens Bahr

Director, Rocky Mountain Famers Union Foundation

Sandra Baca

Director, Cooperative Development Center

Clinton Wilson

Director, AgWell

Tori Kauffman

Drought Advisor Coordinator

Mak Parker

Foundation Administrative Assistant


Karrie Thulin

Benefits Administrator

Jill Anderson

AR/AP Accountant/Membership Database Manager