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What is Membership?

And How Does It Benefit Me?

Becoming a Member

When you join RMFU, you join an organization that promotes and protects farmers and ranchers in Colorado, New Mexico, and Wyoming. We do this through our organization’s three branches of Legislation, Education, and Cooperation.


RMFU advocates for farm and ranch families on the local, state, and federal level. We are non-partisan
advocates for rural communities, as well as for family and independently owned and operated farms and ranches. Our legislative focus is to ensure the future and profitability of independent agricultural operations and the viability of rural communities. Membership provides you a voice in determining our legislative focus.


RMFU provides educational opportunities to both youth and adults, from summer camps and scholarships to adult leadership programs and community workshops. We believe that informed leaders, working together, can build a better future for themselves and their communities. Membership provides you opportunities to expand your network, knowledge, and leadership skills in agriculture.


Through our non-profit foundation, RMFU is an active partner in cooperative business development, strengthening local initiatives, facilitating access to federal, local, and private funding, and providing technical expertise to organizations that have great ideas but limited access to legal, financial, or promotional resources. Membership provides you opportunities to grow your business.

Additional Member Benefits

Membership in RMFU also provides access to additional benefits such as discounted dental/vision insurance, prescription discounts, complimentary AD & D insurance, retail discounts on seeds and workwear, and hotel discounts. For a complete list of additional RMFU and National Farmers Union (NFU) benefits, please visit our Membership Benefits page.

Membership Levels

RMFU offers multiple membership levels to meet members where they are at. Questions about which level is right for you? Contact our membership coordinators for help!

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Our Membership Coordinators are happy to help! Please fill out this form, and the coordinator for your area will reach out!

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