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What cannot be done alone but can be accomplished together.

Co-op Intake

RMFU Cooperative Development Center

Our Mission: To build a more just, healthy, thriving and inclusive economy through cooperative enterprises in Colorado, New Mexico, and Wyoming

The RMFU Cooperative Development Center, a program of the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union Educational and Charitable Foundation, Inc. (the “RMFU Foundation”), was established in 1996 to provide technical, financial, and educational assistance for new and existing cooperative businesses and projects. Cooperatives are time-tested business models and are often preferred structures for our clients in rural areas. For 25 years, we have helped small to mid-scale and/or resource-limited family farmers and ranchers, other rural entrepreneurs and agencies serving rural communities begin, grow and re-tool businesses, resulting in increased economies of scale, meaningful job creation and retention, better quality of life, and increased income opportunities for rural citizens.

Rocky Mountain Farmers Union Cooperative Development Center is one of 20+ co-op development centers around the country whose mission is to spread the word about the cooperative business model and help parties interested in establishing a cooperative to get there! Our services range from initial consultation to advising regarding feasibility studies and business plans to the necessary legal documentation to rural and urban efforts to create marketing, processing, services, and worker cooperatives. We partner with the United States Department of Agriculture and other agencies to help farmers, ranchers, consumers, and workers to start cooperatives and related business ventures. The Co-op Center helps:

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