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Capital for Cooperatives Act supports Funding for Colorado Co-Ops. Unlike the traditional business model, co-ops often face challenges when it comes to finding access to funding for their operations. In a traditional business set up, a bank/financial institution would ask for a logbook, house as collateral which is impossible to provide for co-ops as they are owned by several members who may not be owning any property collectively (Everything.Coop – Home).

Co-ops financing can be split into three:

  1. Directly from members
    Member share capital.
    Member service fees.
    One time of annual membership fees.
  2. Cooperative business surpluses
  3. Outsiders
    Short/long term loans.

Rochdale CapitalProvides financing and technical assistance to co-ops.

CDF Cooperative Development Fund Supports cooperative research.

Shared Capital Cooperative Financing employee ownership transition.

National Cooperative Bank  NCB Small Business Association.

Cooperative Fund of New England Applicants must be located within the New England states of Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut and Rhode Island or within New York state.