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Register Your Entity

It’s a good idea to start the SAM.gov entity registration process at least one month before any grant application deadline.

Quick Start Guide for Grant Registrations



Cooperative Business Programs Funding Opportunities


USDA Agricultural Marketing Service the Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) administers programs that create domestic and international marketing opportunities for U.S. producers of food, fiber, and specialty crops. AMS also provides the agriculture industry with valuable services to ensure the quality and availability of wholesome food for consumers across the country and around the world.

OEDIT Office of Economic Development & International Trade

OEDIT: Cash Collateral Support program. The Cash Collateral Support (CCS) program provides a cash deposit as additional collateral for a business loan when the business cannot meet the lender’s collateral requirements.

CHFA: Cash Collateral Support (chfainfo.com) Cash Collateral Support (CCS) is designed to help small and medium sized businesses access capital that would otherwise be unavailable due to collateral shortfalls.

Fiscal Sponsorship

RMFU provides fiscal sponsorship services on a case-by-case basis for projects and entities that are aligned with our mission. Fiscal sponsorship services are provided under a preapproved grantor-grantee model to allow small and emerging organizations who do not have 501(c)(3) status to apply for and receive funding from third parties. The Foundation maintains discretion over all funds received and maintains fiscal oversight that funds are used in a manner consistent with a project or entity’s application, any conditions set by the funding source, and a written agreement between the RMFU Foundation and the sponsored project or entity.

RMFU Fiscal Sponsorship Guide