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Winning is Fun!

Yea, it’s fun to win, and Rocky Mountain Farmers Union has been winning a lot lately. Being the competitive person that I am, winning is making my job as president a whole lot of fun. Let’s take a look at the most recent wins.

Disaster aid will be here in January and it’s about time! Congress passed the Iraq spending bill recently and in that bill is $3 billion for agriculture disaster relief, including livestock. This is the culmination of a three-year fight with Congress and an administration that refused to sign agriculture disaster in the past.

Your Farmers Union organizations were the leaders in procuring this aid. We sunk our teeth into this deal like we were a mad Rottweiler and just didn’t let go until the administration totally capitulated. A lot of people are taking credit for this win, but three years ago, when the disaster battle began, the only group charging the hill was Farmer Union, and we need to be proud of that.

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