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Allison Rea

Allison is an urban farmer who works with the people of Pueblo, Colorado to create food sovereignty by promoting community gardens and growing food within cities. Allison believes that the most nutritious and tasty food you can find is that grown by your own neighbors. 

Over the years, Allison has grown their understanding and capabilities in the Ag world. Since 2020, Allison has been practicing regenerative urban agriculture at their farm, Colorado Yardbirds. There they raise chickens, ducks, and geese, and sell high-welfare poultry products and organic produce. In 2023, their root vegetables won the Pueblo County Fair Grand Prize. That same year, Allison also became the head of the Community Garden Sustainability Project. They build and maintain community gardens and edible landscapes for the Pueblo Food Project and provide hands-on horticultural education for people of all ages. Most recently, Allison received the 2024 Farmer of the Year award at Sun Soil Water Ag Summit.