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Being an RMFU Member

Why should you be an RMFU member? There are many things RMFU does for those in agriculture and rural communities to strengthen member voices as we carry member-adopted policies to the state capitols and Washington, DC. Our Cooperative Development Center works to provide expertise to assist in creating cooperatives to serve their members and provide services. Our education program has trained future leaders for decades, including many in leadership positions at RMFU and our communities. We have contacts across our regions to support members with questions or issues. Our agents ensure that our members and communities access appropriate insurance and are well covered when bad things happen.

Those are intangible benefits, which are hard to put a value on. Members also have access to many benefits with a monetary value to help the bottom line. RMFU members get a 5% discount on Farmers Union Insurance, which can be a significant savings. Members can access a travel deals portal through NFU, which offers discounted prices on hotels, rental cars, and flights. Discounts are available for retailers such as Office Depot, Gemplers, and High Desert Seed + Gardens. Our membership staff continues to work towards more discounts for members, so keep an eye out for more!

In addition, RMFU is a resource for information on some complex government programs. We have helped members learn where to find available grants and how to get a SAMS number to apply for those grants. In some extreme cases, like the recently launched Farm Labor Stabilization and Protection Pilot Program (FLSP Program), RMFU staff and members worked directly with USDA to create the program, with six of our members being awarded significant grants to help with ag labor costs!

Membership in RMFU has a cost, but we believe the cost of your membership is returned many times through the work that RMFU does directly for individual members and towards our vision of a society in which family farmers, ranchers, and their communities thrive!

Find information on all these benefits YOU receive as a member here: Membership Benefits – Rocky Mountain Farmers Union (rmfu.org)

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