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Colorado Passes Right to Repair for Farmers and Ranchers

For Immediate Release

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Rocky Mountain Farmers Union is thrilled to announce that Colorado will be the first state in the nation to provide farmers and ranchers the right to repair their own equipment. Today, HB23-1011–Consumer Right to Repair Agricultural Equipment passed its final vote in the Colorado General Assembly. The bill is now headed to Governor Jared Polis’s desk where he is expected to sign this important piece of legislation into law.

“We have been tireless advocates for farmers and ranchers on this issue for years and are very proud that we were intimately involved in the passage of the bill in Colorado. Farmers and ranchers in Colorado will now be able to diagnose and repair their own equipment however they choose. In addition to still being able to have a dealer diagnose and repair the equipment, farmers and ranchers now also have to opportunity to use an independent repair provider if they choose not to fix the equipment themselves,” says RMFU President Chad Franke. “Simply put, farmers and ranchers now have the freedom to choose how to repair the equipment that they own without the burdensome restrictions that could leave their equipment down at a critical time for their operation.”

“We are incredibly grateful to our members that testified or contacted their legislators to ensure that the voice of family farmers and ranchers were heard during this process,” adds Franke. “Additionally, we are very thankful for our partners that also worked very hard to ensure that farmers and ranchers are not restricted on where or how they could fix their equipment, including Colorado Public Research Group (CoPIRG), Colorado Cattlemen’s Association, Colorado Association of Wheat Growers, Colorado Wool Growers Association, Colorado Corn Growers Association, Colorado Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association, and many others. We also want to give a special thank you to Representative Brianna Titone, Representative Ron Weinberg, Senator Janice Marchman, and Senator Nick Hinrichsen for sponsoring this bill.”

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