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Registering your Entity

Nature of Fiscal Sponsorship Services

In addition to implementing our own programs, RMFU provides fiscal sponsorship services on a case-by-case basis for projects and entities that are aligned with our mission. Fiscal sponsorship services are provided under a preapproved grantor-grantee model to allow small and emerging organizations who do not have 501(c)(3) status to apply for and receive funding from third parties. The Foundation maintains discretion over all funds received and maintains fiscal oversight that funds are used in a manner consistent with a project or entity’s application, any conditions set by the funding source, and a written agreement between the RMFU Foundation and the sponsored project or entity.


Fiscal Sponsorship Policy

Registering Your Entity to do business with the Federal Government

1. Do you have a legal Tax Identification Number TIN or Employee Identification Number EIN?


Federal Tax ID

Sponsored Organization Reporting Requirements

Review by RMFU Foundation

The Sponsored Organization shall provide quarterly reports to the RMFU Foundation documenting use of all funds disbursed under the agreement.

Financial Accounting & Reporting

The Sponsored Organization will reflect the activities of the Sponsored Program, to the extent required, on its state and federal tax and information returns and financial reports.

Reports to RMFU Foundation

The Sponsored Organization shall submit full and complete quarterly reports to RMFU Foundation on the progress of the Sponsored Program.

Reports to Funding Sources

The Sponsored Organization will provide all information and prepare all reports, including interim and final reports, required by RMFU Foundation to satisfy any funding sources.

Restrictions on Use of Sponsored Program Funds

Tax-Exempt Purposes

The Sponsored Organization shall use the funds it receives from RMFU Foundation solely for purposes of the Sponsored Program.

Prohibited Activities

No portion of the Sponsored Program Funds shall be used in any attempt to influence legislation or be used to participate or intervene in any political campaign.

Relationship of Parties

Nothing in this Agreement shall constitute the naming of either party hereto as an agent or legal representative of the other party for any purpose. No Agency & No Back Office Services; Taxes.


The Sponsored Organization shall comply with all laws and regulations concerning the solicitation of charitable contributions. All grant agreements, pledges, or other commitments with funding sources to support the Sponsored Program shall be subject to RMFU Foundation’s advance approval.