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Erica Smith

Erica is an artist and beekeeper who grew up with a love of learning and helping others. As a child she spent her free time wandering creeks, climbing trees, exploring the woods, and gardening with her mother in Northern Virginia. Her great grandparents owned land in Missouri and Kansas where they farmed for roughly 60 years until retirement, instilling a long line of agricultural appreciation. Erica has been fortunate enough to have many mentors and teachers along the way, giving her vast experience of the world and the various skills and trades to explore 

Prior to working bees, Erica volunteered her time at a wildlife rehabilitation center while going to school for Wildlife and Forestry. Throughout her higher education journey, she has taken several classes and certificate programs that have made a big impact on how she moves through the world. These trainings include Outdoor Navigation, Welding for Natural Resources, Wildland Firefighter Training, FAA Safety Team Aviation Training, and Reiki with humans and animals. She has also been a licensed Body Artist in Colorado and Rhode Island, received multiple Art & Writing awards in her younger years, worked in printing and photography for over a decade, retail sewing for TSA, and interior fabrication for small jet planes. 

Erica is currently enrolled in the Colorado Master Beekeeping program and is the assistant hive manager for the Westminster Bee Club Jefferson Airport Apiary.  She loves working with her bees at home and incorporating them, and nature, into her art. She seeks to expand her knowledge of bees; grow her business; and provide more for, not only her friends and family, but also for the local community.