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Grain School Online, Course 2: Mar 3rd – 31st

March 3, 2023

Sponsored by UCCS Human Physiology & Nutrition Department, Grain School online is a foundational course that builds knowledge and hands-on practical skills for university students and community participants. University students take Grain School Online as a regular academic course taught in the semester. Community students can register for 3 different short courses or opt to take all three courses.

Grain School Online is an annual online course building the foundation for students to take Grain School in the Field. Grain School in the Field is a field-based course with greater hands-on learning offered across Colorado with a changing curriculum annually.

Part 2: Health & Nutrition (March 3 – 31, 2022)

Find more information and register HERE.

HPN 3002 (1 continuing education unit)

Cost: $150

Description: This course focuses on building the basic understanding of whole and heritage grains and dietary fiber in health and disease, including cereal science, nutritional quality, impacts of fermentation and nixtamalization on the bioavailability of nutrients and gastro-intestinal health, immunity, chronic, diet-related diseases and sensitivities, and the role of carbohydrates, specifically grains, in athletes and active individuals.

Audience: Anyone interested in health and nutrition with focus on whole and heritage grains. Health and nutrition professionals, students, farmers, millers, bakers, chefs, educators, parents, families, athletes, coaches, individuals, community organizers.


Course Details: 


  • Live Check-In Sessions: Thursdays (4.30-6pm MST)
  • Orientation
  • Introduction to Heritage Grain Diversity and the Heritage Grain Chain
  • History and Culture
  • Whole and Heritage Grains in Health and Disease
  • Cereal Grains: Anatomy and Chemical Composition
  • Whole Grains and Dietary Fiber, Fermentation, and the Microbiome
  • Nixtamalization and Culinary Applications and Nutrition
  • The Biodiversity of Grains and Culinary Traditions, Dietary Diversity
  • Healthy and Sustainable Diets (grains, pulses, seeds)
  • Grain Literacy Approaches and Client Education
  • Hands-on: The Whole Grain Experience


March 3, 2023