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FUSA New Staffing Roles

As we transition from a reactive mode (such as dealing with FUI ownership, the economy, and Covid), we are making major changes to help you navigate the future of the insurance industry. A major step in doing this will be a shift to a sales-focused agency, with the goal of growing your sales. One way of doing this is to provide agents staff resources based on what your specific needs are. The most major change will be a transition from a District Manager “top-down” model into a sales-focused role, so agents can have the confidence to contact a FUSA manager or staff member directly depending on what your specific servicing needs are. Effective immediately, three new management positions have been created to continue improving the service FUSA provides to the agents:

Director of Field Operations, Tim Brown–Tim will be responsible for recruiting and acquisitions, and will serve as a training resource for agents. Additionally, Tim is available to assist with any issues that have arrived that are unable to be resolved by a FUSA staff member or issues in the field that arise such as a serious client and carrier issues.

Personal Lines Sales Manager, Jeff McGimsey–Jeff will be overseeing all personal line sales, and also focus on helping agents increasing their personal lines sales and profits. Jeff will also be working directly with our personal lines carriers.

Commercial and Farm Ag Sales Manager, Kat Robinson–Kat will be responsible for all commercial and Farm Ag lines of business, including assisting with targeting and increasing your commercial sales.

Other than some job title changes, the remainder of the staff will stay in place in their current roles. Kyle Bradly will remain in place as the General Manager/Chief Operating Officer; Doug Compton’s title is now Director of Sales. Jason Lehman, Marketing Manager, will continue to work with you on all of your marketing needs, and Vickie Park will continue overseeing internal operations, including Account Managers, agency contracts, compliance, and Agency Management System. Chris Young will continue to be the Life and Health Sales Manager, and Larry Roe will continue as the New Mexico Sales and Marketing Manager. There will be no changes to who you work with as your Account Manager. (Speaking of which, we have hired a new Account Manager, Victoria Knipps, and will be sharing more information on her once she settles in.) The purpose of this structure is to make it easier for you to contact the staff member best suited to help you service your accounts. And by having the staff and managers focus on specific areas, it will also allow us to provide you with the best service possible. We will also be sending out an updated Staff and Agent Directory in the next month, which will have more details on the job responsibilities.

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