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Keely Murphy

Keely Murphy became interested in the environment from a young age. While attending American University she took a Food in America literature course that piqued her interest in the connection between food and the environment. She continued to study large scale food policy, including an internship at the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization during her undergraduate degree. 

After graduating she perused many fields ranging from working at a local farmer-owned butcher shop to working at an international insurance company. Before long, she was pulled back to school and received a Master’s in Environmental Sciences and Policy from Johns Hopkins University. While in grad school, Keely’s interests narrowed to agroecology and soil science.  

Following her passion, Keely moved to Colorado in 2022, accepting a fellowship at Colorado Open Lands on the conservation team. There, she gets to work with landowners across Colorado to protect their land and water forever. She enjoys having a broad knowledge of food and environmental policy, while also working individual producers. Keely is excited to continue learning as she embarks on the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union Fellowship Program this year.