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Mariah Foley

Mariah Foley has been measuring time in growing seasons for the past 12 years. She started out volunteering on urban farms and community gardens in Denver while working on institutional food procurement and earning her degree. Through this, she quickly realized she wanted to BE a farmer, not just KNOW her farmers.  

By studying organic agriculture and cooperative economics in Thailand, Mariah gained college credit and an understanding the processes and work it takes become a farmer. This mentorship helped make it clear that her love for manual labor equaled her idealism of farming’s importance. 

Mariah worked a two-year farm management apprenticeship at New Morning Farm, a large-scale organic vegetable farm in the mountains of central Pennsylvania. She then moved to Boulder County and worked a season farming and managing restaurant sales for an organic vegetable operation. 

Since early 2019, Mariah has worked at ACES at Rock Bottom Ranch (RBR) in Basalt, CO. As the Agriculture Manager, Mariah oversees all ag operations, including multi-species rotational grazing and intensively spaced low-till vegetable productions. Mariah is driven by the work of using well-managed livestock to positively impact perennial pastures and striving to maximize production and minimize plastic waste within small acreage vegetables.  

However, it is her work mentoring beginning farmers that provides sustaining motivation. RBR runs a farmer training program that trains introductory field work positions, an apprenticeship program, and beginning management roles. Mariah cares deeply about creating good jobs for good farmers and working to ensure the viability of farming as a career path. 

Mariah has been involved with Rocky Mountain Farmers Union on-and-off since 2015 and is grateful for the organization helping her build and find a farming community. Since 2021, she’s served as the chapter president of Roaring Fork Farmers and Ranchers, a proud co-chapter of RMFU and the National Young Farmers Coalition. Farming allows Mariah to be an active participant in stewarding both the ecological and social communities that nourish her.