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Nick (Nicole) Perchess – Candidate for Vice President

Hello, I’m Nick Perchess, and I steward 45 acres of land using regenerative farming in
Avondale, Colorado. My main focus is on nurturing soil health, tending to animals, and ensuring
the well-being of our ecosystems in the southeastern part of the state, just 17 miles east of
Pueblo—a city famous for its Pueblo Green Chili Pepper.

I take great pride in being the woman owner-operator of Nola Naturals Farms, where we
operate a diverse, pasture-raised meat business complete with an on-site processing facility.
Our farming endeavors also include the cultivation of stone fruit from 400 tart cherry trees,
production of honey, growth of heirloom hot house tomatoes, and harvesting storage hardneck
garlic. Within this location, you’ll find Pastures of Liberty, a dairy operation that caters to the
needs of over 150 families across four counties.

In agriculture for a decade now, I’m a first-generation farmer originally from Chicago, and I’ve
called Colorado home for 24 years, residing along the Arkansas River basin watershed. My experience in agriculture ranges from managing commercial fields for lettuce and garlic farms, assisting with spring calf rounds for branding, to dedicating time for 20,000 milkings.

Currently, I hold key roles in various agricultural and community organizations. These include seats on the Pueblo County Ag Advisory Board, Pueblo County Farm Bureau Board, Pueblo County Stockmans, New Farms (also known as the Excelsior Farmers Exchange, a farmer-owned cooperative), and Soil Sangre De Cristo—a membership-based community loan fund providing 0% interest loans to farmers, ranchers, and food enterprises. This list doesn’t capture my involvement in numerous other agricultural organizations and my past engagements in diverse food systems across communities.
I’ve also been deeply involved as a host farm through county extension, where I’ve facilitated published drought-tolerant vegetable trials, organized youth programs, provided internships, and collaborated with food system advocacy groups and leaders. My mission is to establish exemplary models for future farming practices, paying homage to the wisdom and knowledge of past generations, and passing the torch of excitement to the next seven generations.

In the last two years, I’ve dedicated my efforts to promoting and rebuilding the Rocky chapter in Pueblo, where I currently serve as President and hold the title of former Upper Arkansas Secretary. Furthermore, my dedication is evident through my role as a standing county delegate and officer since becoming a member, representing the community twice as a State Delegate at Nationals. I remain steadfast in my commitment to the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union, recognizing the collective impact of our united voice, and eagerly anticipating the organization’s continued momentum. We are a group of hardworking, compassionate individuals, and I would be honored to represent us as the new Vice President.

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Nick Perchess

NOLA Naturals

Avondale, CO

Candidate for Vice President