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Omnibus Bill Extends Eligibility for Disaster Relief

Denver>> Today Rocky Mountain Farmers Union (RMFU) President Kent Peppler praised congressional foresight in the shaping of agricultural policies in the Omnibus Bill. “We are especially pleased to see the extension of eligibility requirements for the disaster relief package passed earlier this year. This means that family farmers and ranchers who suffered losses caused by natural disasters that struck in 2007 can go into the holiday season knowing economic relief is available.”

The Omnibus Bill includes an additional $600 million in emergency disaster relief and extends the eligibility date of earlier legislation from Feb. 28, 2007, through Dec. 31, 2007. Congress passed a supplemental appropriations bill with agricultural disaster relief in May of 2007. “The Omnibus Bill improves the protection of our farm economy from natural disasters,” said Peppler. “RMFU led a three-year battle to get the disaster legislation that was approved last May. The 2007 Farm Bill includes funding for a permanent disaster relief program. Once that bill is passed, America’s farmers and ranchers will be able to plan for next year’s crops, and these temporary solutions will not be necessary.”

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