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Register for the 2014 Community Wealth Building Conference!


Attendees will have the opportunity to learn from two nationally recognized leaders in community wealth building during two keynote speeches and from many local leaders during fourteen breakout sessions.  You can read full session descriptions on the conference website here
We will start the day with Ed Whitfield, co-managing director of the Fund 4 Democratic Communities based in Greensboro, North Carolina. Ed will launch our day by laying the foundation for why community wealth building strategies are key to a healthy democracy and share examples of communities that are making tangible progress with economic policies that promote wealth creation at the grassroots. 
Michael Peck, a national and international leader in the worker’s cooperative movement, will speak during a mid-day plenary session, providing information and inspiration about the possibilities and economic impacts of worker cooperatives, drawing on his involvement with Mondragon, the world’s largest co-op headquartered in Spain, and his experience with co-ops in the U.S.



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