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Right to Repair Fact Sheet

HB23-1011 is Good for Agriculture and Rural Communities

Rocky Mountain Farmers Union supports Right to Repair efforts as part of the larger Fairness for Farmer Initiative. Right to Repair allows farmers and ranchers the freedom to choose whether they fix their own equipment, they bring their equipment to a mechanic of their choice, or to bring the equipment to a manufacturer authorized dealership for repairs.

Most modern farm equipment, such as tractors and combines, are technologically advanced and contain computers and sensors. As a result, software tools are often necessary to complete repairs. However, most equipment manufacturers refuse to make those tools fully available to farmers and independent mechanics, leaving farmers no choice but to take their broken equipment to a licensed dealership. This leads to a lack of competition in the repair market, inflated service prices, and long delays during tight planting or harvest windows.

For these reasons, RMFU supports HB23-1011—Consumer Right to Repair Agricultural Equipment. This bill has passed the Colorado House of Representatives and now awaits a hearing before the Colorado Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee.

We urge you to reach out to your legislators to demonstrate your support for this bill and to discuss the impact that long wait times and high repair costs have had on you and your operation.

Frequently Asked Questions about Right to Repair


If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Tyler Garrett, Director of Government Relations at tyler.garrett@rmfu.org or 479-427-2420.

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