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RMFU Delegates Urge Immediate Extension of Production Tax Credit

As part of policy debate at the RMFU convention in Loveland, delegates from county Farmers Unions across Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming adopted a special order of business urging Congress to reauthorize the Production Tax Credit (PTC) for renewable energy resources during the current session.

The failure to extend the PTC has had a devastating impact on the wind energy industry in Colorado, which was thriving and expanding. Uncertainty about the costs of renewables has driven both customers and investors away. By failing to extend the PTC, Congress has caused workforce reductions in Colorado, notably at Vestas, with plants in a handful of Colorado communities. Loss of jobs in rural communities has had a snowballing effect on rural economies. The failure to act has resulted in the closure of research and development facilities programs, and it has dealt a setback to the nation’s quest for energy independence.

Delegates urged Congress to act immediately to re-instate  this important tax incentive.

A copy of the Special Order of Business will be sent to the states’ senators and representatives.

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