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The youth education program includes a various activities that our future leaders can participate in to earn credit towards the ultimate goal—the Torchbearer Award—the highest honor in Farmers Union. It is a great honor and achievement to be a Torchbearer. Farmers Union youth who have completed five consecutive years of senior youth work are eligible to receive the Torchbearer award.  The Torchbearer award should not mark the end of a young person’s involvement in Farmers Union, but rather the commencement of participation in adult activities.

Meet the most recent Torchbearer Award recipients!

Brooke Franke

Brooke Franke is a freshman at the University of Mississippi, where she competes on the track team, throwing both hammer and discus. Brooke holds many high school track records and national powerlifting records. She is a Dietetics and Nutrition major with an emphasis in Dietetics working towards becoming a sports dietician. Although being a student-athlete at Ole Miss takes up the majority of her days, she enjoys playing games, cheering on the rebels at any sporting event, and cooking “family dinners” with her friends. “Rocky Mountain Farmers Union has been a part of my life for my entire 18 years, and I am happy to have the opportunity to give a little back to an organization that means so much to me. Many members have become a second family to me, and I will be forever grateful for that.” Brooke is the daughter of Carolyn and RMFU Vice President Chad Franke, and she attended camps throughout her school years and was elected to serve on the RMFU Senior Youth Advisory Council.

Tim Franke

Tim has been an active RMFU member from an early age when he attended camps, day classes, and state conventions. Farmers Union roots run deep in his family, as his dad, Chad, serves as RMFU Vice President, and grandfather Vernon served on the RMFU Board and was Chairman for several years. During high school, Tim was elected to serve as a RMFU Senior Youth Advisory Council member. He graduated from Weld Central High School, where he was active on the Track and Field team. Tim is attending Western Colorado University and is studying Fisheries and Aquatic ecology. Tim states that RMFU Summer Camps have prepared him for college in several ways, including it is ok to learn and have fun at the same time. He also learned essential leadership skills and how to navigate and manage group projects. Tim also saw the value and importance of networking at the annual Harvest Moon Gala. After graduating from Western, Tim hopes to work at a state fish hatchery. Tim is the son of Carolyn and RMFU Vice President Chad Franke.

Clayton Marty

Clayton Marty has been involved in Farmers Union since a very early age, three months! Clayton’s mom, Barb, has been involved in the Camp program for over 20 years, and Clayton would come to camp with his mom well before he could even attend as a camper. Clayton has been an active member of Farmers Union over the years by not only attending Camps, but also having attended NFU Fly-In and numerous conventions. He was elected to the RMFU Senior Youth Advisory Council in high school, hoping to further his leadership skills and knowledge of agriculture. Clayton is attending Northeastern Junior College, studying Crop and Soil Science, and continues to be active with the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Roggen. Clayton comes from a long family history of Farmers Union involvement, including his great, great uncle John Fehringer, who was RMFU President. Clayton is the son of Albert and RMFU Board of Director Barb Marty.