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Let Colorado Ag Committee Senators Know You Support Right To Repair

We need your help!
Farmers and ranchers deserve the freedom to choose whether they fix their own equipment, bring their equipment to an independent mechanic that is convenient to them, or bring their equipment to the manufacturer’s authorized dealership for repairs.
The Colorado House of Representatives has already passed HB23-1011, which would provide you and your fellow farmers and ranchers with the ability to repair your equipment and avoid downtime during harvest.
Your freedom of choice is in jeopardy though as it awaits a vote in the Colorado Senate.

The equipment manufacturers are lobbying hard against this bill, while family farmers and ranchers risk losing their crop or risk not being able to feed their livestock during a winter storm while waiting days for a technician to come to their farm or ranch.
That’s why we need YOU to contact the Senators on the Colorado Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee to let them know what the successful passage of this bill would mean for you and your fellow farmers and ranchers. Please email these Senators individually. A personalized email from you and others that would be affected by this bill that goes to each Senator individually will go a long way in helping them decide how to vote.
While you can send the same email to each Senator, please remember to change the greeting and send them individually instead of all-in-one email. If you need assistance with what to write, remember to include the following things:

The following Senators are on the Colorado Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee:

You can learn more about Right to Repair by checking out our fact sheet or the bill language.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Tyler Garrett, Director of Government Relations, at tyler.garrett@rmfu.org or 479-427-2420.

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