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Fellows Are Future Leaders

If you’ve been in Rocky Mountain Farmers for a while, you have probably heard some mention of the Fellows program. However, you may be thinking, just what is it? As a Fellow of 2005, I’d like to answer that question.

There are times in your life when you are given the opportunity to take classes, lessons, or just learn a little more about being a leader. Not the leader of a nation or a state but just a leader in your community or organization. That is what the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union Fellows program offers. You are given the opportunity to brush up on your communication skills, learn how to conduct successful meetings, and to be confident when you are in a leadership position.

I know, because the Fellows program gave me the confidence to handle the leadership positions that I have held since then. They were community and state positions I felt prepared to fill. After I finished the program, I was elected President of the Parent Teacher Organization at my children’s school. Not knowing a lot of the people involved, I was very nervous at the first meeting where I presided, but with the training that I had received, the meeting was successful and ran very smoothly.

After this experience, I ran successfully for the board of directors of Rocky Mountain Farmers Union, where I have now served as the District II representative for five years. A few years ago, I was asked to serve on the Colorado State Agriculture Commission Board, and recently I have been nominated for a second term on that board. I have also been chosen for the Colorado Food Policy Council.

When I joined the Fellows program, I wanted to make a difference, and the skills that I learned have let me use my passion for serving my community effectively.

So if you are asked to be a part of the Fellows program, grab the opportunity. If you know someone who could take the tools of leadership and build something good, recommend them to the state office. You will be helping your organization and the values we share.

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