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FUSA Updates: 2023 Reorganization and Staffing

There’s no doubt that 2023 saw one of FUSA’s largest organizational and managerial staff restructuring. The goal is to move away from a “top-heavy” District Manager structure to a sales-oriented specialization management roles. Based on results this is was a major step in the right direction, and we’ll continue to adjust to make sure we’re providing agents with the best service possible. 

For the field management staff, Tim Brown became the Director of Field Operations, and helps with agent development such as setting up your office and staffing, training, audits and compliance. Tim also assists in resolving issues between insureds, companies, and agents as needed. Finally, Tim is also overseeing FUSA’s growth and expansion by recruting new agents, particuallarily in Arizona.

Jeff McGimsey’s (Personal Lines Manager) and Kat Robinson’s (Commercial Lines Manager) main focus is driving new business and production while working to maintain profitable growth. They do this by partnering with you and your staff by providing training either individually or with company reps through in person meetings or virtual meetings. They are also available to help you find markets and help place complex risks, and to work with company reps to help resolve claims, underwriting, and other issues.

While the home office manager’s roles have remained mostly the same, the new structure allows the staff to focus on their various departments. Kyle Bradley, COO, provides high-level agent support on such concerns as E&O and the Agent’s Board concerns; compliance with both the states regulatory agencies, carriers, and the industry as a whole; and sets goals and strategic planning for the agency.

Doug Compton, Director of Sales, monitors the sales and marketing activites of the agency and agents. He also monitors the industry as whole to track trends that have an impact on the industry. Doug also develops plans and strategies to expand customer base with the goal of increasing brokerage and agent sales.

Vickie Park (Operations Manager) and her team focus on policy placement and creating and improving policy delivery systems. For 2023, this included rolling out CSR24, allowing you to see your client’s policies online, and transitioning to an email distribution of policy documentation and downloading into you agency management system. (Vickie is working with companies as they come online with policy downloads, and you will see that program continue to expand.) We also introduced IPFS total pay, and next year all of your clients will have the option of paying for their policy online through a website branded with your agency information. (Again, more details will be coming up.) The Operations Team also welcomed two new Account Managers this past year, Victoria Knipps and Sheila Wheeler. 

Jason Lehman, Marketing Manager, handles all of the marketing for both FUSA and the agent’s individual marketing needs as well. Jason will be focusing more on working directly with and visiting agents for 2024.

Larry Roe became the New Mexico Marketing and Sales Manager, and will be joining FUSA full time starting in 2024. Alyssa Sailer in Longmont and Katherine Clark in Aztec, New Mexico will be servicing his book going forward. Larry did a great job of working with new and existing New Mexico agents and growing the market.

Victoria Knipps, Account Manager, joined FUSA in January

Sheila Wheeler, Account Manager, joined FUSA in August 

In 2023 we welcomed eight new agents to FUSA: 

Raegen Alvarado – Thornton, CO

Rob Becken – Laramie, WY

Rob Canterbury – Cotopaxi, CO

Jeanette Hatfield – Green River, WY

Claudio Ordenes – Windsor, CO

Alex Lammers – Denver, CO

Maryssa Wolff – Wickenburg, AZ

Chris Young – Greeley, CO

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