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Help Defend COOL Now

On May 23, 2013,  the USDA issued the final rules for implementing Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) with changes to ensure WTO compliance. But the fight is still not over.

Although Congress passed a law requiring that meats have their origins on their label in 2002, corporate interests have blocked the USDA from implementing the law for more than a decade. Finally in 2013 it looked like consumers would be informed about where the meat they buy is born, raised, and processed. But the meat packer industry is still trying to interfere with the will of consumers. Nine American, Canadian, and Mexican livestock organizations filed a lawsuit against USDA to declare telling us where our food comes from unconstitutional.  They don’t want to be COOL, they want to kill COOL.

That is why National Farmers Union, with the support of Rocky Mountain Farmers Union and other state organizations, has decided to intervene in this lawsuit and help the USDA protect COOL.  Independent ranchers in Colorado, New Mexico, and Wyoming want this label because they are proud of what they raise. Colorado, New Mexico, and Wyoming consumers want this label so they can make informed choices. We can’t walk away from this fight.

Some problems can be solved by willing hands; unfortunately what it takes to defend a law in the courts is money. Defense costs for this lawsuit will run over $200,000, and Farmers Union needs to come up with a sizeable portion of that money. We need the financial support of farmers, ranchers, and consumers.

We fought hard at Farmers Union for almost a generation to get COOL.  Let’s not take a step backwards.  Your donation of $10, $25, $50, $100 or more is an investment to keep COOL and see that consumers know the facts about the meat they consume.

Please join the fight to save COOL.  Share this with your neighbors and friends.  Submit the bottom portion of this message with your check to RMFU COOL Defense Fund, Rocky Mountain Farmers Union, 7900 E. Union Ave., Denver, Colorado 80237.

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Please be sure to make your check out to RMFU COOL Defense Fund.

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