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RMFU offers $4,500 in scholarships

DENVER—Rocky Mountain Farmers Union (RMFU) will offer $4,500 in scholarships to nine Farmers Union young people to assist them in pursuing a post-secondary education. Each scholarship is $500, and applications must be postmarked by March 15, 2001.

“Rocky Mountain Farmers Union is pleased to be able to offer scholarships to so many young people to assist them in pursuing higher education,” said Andrea Clark, RMFU education director.

Any current regular or associate member of Rocky Mountain Farmers Union who is a high school senior or already enrolled in an institution of higher learning is eligible to apply. Applicants need not have a membership in their own name if their parents are members.

Four of the scholarships will be awarded only to those planning to attend Colorado, New Mexico or Wyoming universities, colleges or vocational schools. The other five scholarships are available to those planning to attend institutions in any state. To be awarded a scholarship, the school of choice must conform to GI Bill qualifications. Correspondence schools are not eligible.

Previous recipients of RMFU scholarships may not apply, and no more than one member from each family will be awarded a scholarship in any single year. In addition, one scholarship is open only to residents of Weld County (Colorado).

To apply, students must provide a current high school or college transcript, ACT or SAT scores, two letters of recommendation—one from a teacher, principal, superintendent counselor or college advisor, the second from a community member, two photos of him/herself, and a letter of at least 100 words demonstrating the applicant’s knowledge of Farmers Union and its affiliates, as well as the applicant’s financial need. The letter should also state the college, university or vocational school the applicant plans to attend and its location. Applicants do NOT need to specify the scholarship for which they are applying. With the exception of the residency requirement of some scholarships, all applicants will be eligible for any of them.

For more information on the scholarship program or its requirements, contact RMFU at 303-758-5800. Mail application packets by March 15 to: Rocky Mountain Farmers Union Education Director, 10800 E. Bethany Dr., 4th Fl., Aurora, CO 80014.

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