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RMFU protests decision to veto emergency disaster relief

Denver – Rocky Mountain Farmers Union (RMFU) sent a letter to President George W. Bush today expressing shock at his stated intention to veto emergency disaster relief for American farmers and ranchers. The RMFU letter called into question the view that such spending is “unnecessary and unwarranted” because commodity prices were high. “It does not require a degree in economics,” said Kent Peppler, President of RMFU and himself a farmer in Mead, Colo., “to recognize that prices are not relevant if you have nothing to sell.”

Presidents from Thomas Jefferson to Theodore Roosevelt and Harry Truman recognized the crucial role the family farmer plays in the security of our nation. America’s economic independence is built on the stability of food production.

“Rocky Mountain food producers have been devastated by drought, wild fires, historic blizzards and tornadoes in recent years,” Peppler said. “The loss of commodities results in scarcity of essential food and fiber, and higher prices mean all Americans suffer. No Americans suffer more than the producer whose ability to make a fair return on months of labor is diminished or destroyed.”

On behalf of the 23,000 Rocky Mountain Farmers Union members, RMFU urged the President to reconsider his refusal to support relief to this vital sector of our economy, and RMFU applauds bipartisan resolve to override that veto if necessary.

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