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RMFU Staff Stepping Up to New Responsibilities

Rocky Mountain Farmers Union is realigning its staff to match the evolving needs of its members, announces Executive Director Ben Rainbolt. The RMFU Board of Directors recently took action to invest in the organization to better serve members and create an organization that is dynamic and responsive to the emerging challenges facing farmers, ranchers, and rural communities.

“During the past few years, we’ve welcomed growth in membership representing all types of agriculture,” says Rainbolt. “As a general farm organization, Farmers Union is eager to tailor its resources to best serve farm and ranch families in Colorado, New Mexico, and Wyoming.”

Ben Rainbolt, RMFU, FUSA, and RMFUF Executive Director

“Since Rocky Mountain Farmers Union was founded in 1907, the organization has evolved decade by decade to stay in tune with the economic and social focus of the times,” adds RMFU President Dr. Dale McCall. “We are rallying our resources to continue to lead as the premier general farm organization working for the families who make a living growing crops and raising livestock.”

Rainbolt will continue to serve as the Executive Director over the three entities, Rocky Mountain Farmers Union (RMFU), FUSA Insurance Agency, and the RMFU Foundation.  Rainbolt has been with the organization since 2007 after a career in public education.

Kyle Bradley, FUSA Insurance Agency General Manager

Kyle Bradley will continue to serve as the General Manger of FUSA Insurance Agency, a responsibility he has had since 2015.  During this time Bradley has led the expansion of the agency through transitions in ownership and the impact of the pandemic.  He previously served as an FUSA Insurance Agent and Production Manager for FUSA.

Dan Waldvogel, RMFU Director

Dan Waldvogle, the organization’s current director of external affairs, will become the director of Rocky Mountain Farmers Union which will oversee the program directors in membership and government relations departments.  He previous worked in RMFU’s Membership Department.  Waldvogle has a ranching background and has also worked in land access and succession programing to ensure the stewardship of our working lands. He also takes an active role in his family’s cow-calf operation, and he previously was the Director of Colorado Land Link.

Jennifer Luitjens-Bahr, RMFUF Director with Youth Advisory Council members

Jennifer Luitjens-Bahr will become the Director of the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union Foundation. She will retain duties as Program Director for Education and will oversee the Cooperative Development Center.  Bahr has worked in education and membership/organizational development since beginning with RMFU in 2006. Prior to 2006, she was employed by National Farmers Union in both the Education and Membership Departments for over ten years.

RMFU is in the process of expanding its communications outreach as well and will announce additional personnel to help meet the needs of an expanded communications model which will not only continue its print media but will expand digital and social media platforms as well.

“We are gearing up to implement new services and special projects,” adds Rainbolt. “This realignment will best leverage our seasoned staff to keep Farmers Union effective in the changing world of agriculture.”

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