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Support Colorado HB1060

The purpose of HB 1060 (Concerning Regulating Dietitians) is only to license dietitians in Colorado. We are not trying to regulate any other group who gives out nutrition information or does nutrition counseling.

Several groups do not understand the intention of the bill and have started a campaign to oppose it. There are actually nine exemptions or exclusions in the bill which cover anyone who performs or engages or practices nutrition, nutrition counseling, nutrition assessment, or nutrition care. That means certified nutritionists, nutritionists, herbalist, naturopaths, chiropractors, retail employees of Vitamin Cottage, Vitamin Cottage Nutritional Health Coach, employees of Whole Foods, etc., can practice “nutrition” as they do now. We do not intend to infringe on anyone’s business or professional practice.

Please call the members of the House Ag Committee to ask them to vote for the bill. The bill will be heard in the Ag Committee on Monday, Feb 6, so make your call this week!!

Rocky Mountain Farmers Union is supporting this bill, and as Chairman of the Board and a Registered Dietitian, I am asking you to call the members of the House Ag Committee now!

Jan Kochis, Chair
Board of Directors
Rocky Mountain Farmers Union


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