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Theresa Schuller

Theresa Schuller is a specialty crop farmer in Boulder, Colorado. She is passionate about regenerative agriculture, organic farming, and the personal health and wellness benefits of whole food as medicine for people and the planet. She owns a small production farm in Boulder County that dates to the late 1800s and operated as a dairy farm into the mid-1940s. Her farm currently focuses on fruit, vegetables, and lavender.

While living in Bailey, Colorado, Theresa was first introduced to the National Farmers Union in 1998 at their education center while working for a wholesale food distributor and supplying the camps there. A few years later, she became an employee of the education center, and through her continued exposure to the NFU and RMFU, her enthusiasm for agriculture grew. Theresa then spent 14 years on the Whole Foods regional leadership team and became more educated on the benefits of organic local food systems, further developing her passion for agriculture. She purchased her farm in 2019 and is renovating eight historic structures, building soil health, adding plant diversity, and integrating livestock into the farm.

She serves as secretary and treasurer of the Adams/St Vrain chapter of Rocky Mountain Farmers Union.