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Fellows Award

Fellows Excellence in Leadership Service Award


Excellence in Leadership and Service Award

Presented by American AgCredit and RMFU


The future of American agriculture and our communities lies in the hands of those involved. Our greatest assets are individuals who are invested in developing leadership abilities and a commitment to influencing the future. The Rocky Mountain Farmers Union Fellows helps to ensure that communities, both rural and urban, agricultural producers, and consumers have leaders who understand the complex system that connects us to ensure agricultural prosperity, food security, and innovation. Rocky Mountain Farmers Union is dedicated to making sure that our future leaders are equipped with the knowledge and tools they need.

Agriculture needs leaders who are proactive and progressive. They must have both commitment and skills to be effective. The RMFU Fellows program was created to help individuals develop and hone the skills needed to effectively create and sustain vibrant communities. The Fellows program offers emerging leaders a foundation in key areas such as agriculture, farm policy, food systems, cooperation, and advocacy.

In partnership with American AgCredit, Rocky Mountain Farmers Union announces the Fellows Excellence in Leadership & Service Award. This award honors an RMFU Fellow who has demonstrated personal growth, provides leadership within various communities, and is an advocate for agriculture. All former and current RMFU Fellows are eligible and can be nominated by a Farmers Union member, Fellow alum, American AgCredit customer, or self-nominate. The 2023 award application deadline is October 10th.

Fellows Excellence in Leadership and Service Award

Application Deadline October 10th
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PROMPTS: 1. What tools, resources, or knowledge did the participant gain through the RMFU Fellows Program? Please provide example(s). 2. What has the RMFU Fellow done within the agricultural field, that could be attributed to the resources provided through the Fellows Program? Please provide an example. 3. What has the RMFU Fellow done in their various communities, which could be attributed to the leadership-building skills provided through the Fellows Program? Please provide an example. 4. Were there experiences through the Fellows Program that helped shape the participant’s business or personal life, or community involvement?

Describe the Fellows' involvement in Farmers Union; what other organizations are they members of, and respective involvement with each.

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