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Colorado Ag Labor Bill

The Colorado Ag Labor Bill

The Colorado Ag Labor Bill: SB21-087 Fact Sheet

Ag Labor Factsheet for SB87



DEPARTMENT OF LABOR AND EMPLOYMENT: Agricultural Labor Conditions Rules

As proposed on October 29, 2021; if adopted, to be effective May 1, 2022.


Ag workers, ag employers invited to participate in SB21-087 Listening Sessions

Colorado legislature recently passed the “Agricultural Workers’ Rights” bill (SB21-087) that will impact agricultural workers in the areas of: wages and overtime pay, worker protection, access to services, and limitations on hand weeding and thinning The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE) and the Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) are seeking input from ag communities – both those who employ ag workers and workers themselves – to establish the regulations related to these topics. Staff from CDA and CDLE will host a listening session specifically focused on answering questions and gathering the perspective of agricultural workers and agricultural employers.

For details on locations and dates, click on the following links.



SB-87-listening-sessions-Ag-Employer SB-87-listening-sessions-Ag-worker-Spanish

Hand Weeding Rule-Draft #4 Rule Survey/Public Comment

CDLE Rulemaking Schedule and Info

Rocky Mountain Farmers Union Letter Commenting on Overtime


Rocky Mountain Farmers Union Letter Commenting on Heat Stress


The Bill Language

Bill Language